I don’t like writing about myself but it seems necessary on here…

I am literally that type of person that would much rather talk about the universe and how we got here on earth, our purpose, dreams and their meanings, stories about perfect timing and law of attraction, all that spiritual stuff. Pleeeeease do not bring up what some celebrity is doing and ask me if I know of this person and that person because no. I don’t, well I might do, but I don’t care. I don’t watch TV, instead, I sit on my laptop and watch Teen Wolf, The 100, Game of Thrones (so predictable right?), Shadowhunters, The originals (I’m still so sad that Vampire Diaries is over). I’m sure you can guess the rest of them.

But as for the actual things that we are ‘supposed’ to say about ourselves…I am 23, Aquarian, although I have most traits of a Pisces. Very impulsive, vegan, greek and short, got a degree in Photography. I work with children and absolutely love animals, and children…But mostly animals. I’m a very open, non judgmental and honest person. This is so weird, so i’ll stop now.

Hope you get the right idea..